Valuation tools and streamlined processes are only as effective as the people behind them. AppraiserVendor is always looking to retain the very best and brightest our industry has to offer. As an employee you’ll receive a comprehensive benefits package, paid training and licensure programs, a casual work environment, and company culture that promotes development and a clear promotional path.

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For over 10 years, AppraiserVendor has been a leading provider of national appraisal and valuation management solutions, delivering products and services of quality and integrity to the residential real-estate mortgage industry. Founded by appraisers who grew tired of relentless AMC practices and ill treatment, our founders set out to establish a firm that valued the appraiser relationship as much as the client, and to redefine appraisal management.

AppraiserVendor understands the need for an Appraisal Management Company who brings experience, innovation, and exemplary service in their processes and procedures, critical to meeting the service levels of lenders, regulators, and most importantly, consumers. Our success is a result of our experience, accountability and partnership with our vendors, and our commitment to quality through technology, staff and panel education. Recognized multiple times by Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the top 50 Mortgage Service Providers in the country, AppraiserVendor works very hard to improve quality at the core through proper vendor management, placing a great deal of emphasis on “partnership” throughout the process, working with those appraisers who we have come to trust, and placing trust in them by giving them autonomy to do their job.




We recognize each client has individual goals and needs, and is committed to providing a unique and customized solution to accomplish them. It is these attributes and our commitment to excellence, which allow us to provide impartial, compliant, and timely delivery of products to our clients with uncompromising quality.

As a result, AppraiserVendor has earned a reputation for “Redefining Appraisal Management”.

We are only as good as our people...

Which is why we’ve staffed our team with appraisers, apprentices and industry professionals committed to supporting our clients and their consumers. Led by an executive team with more than 50 years experience in valuation management, our staff is poised and prepared to handle any obstacles that come our way.

Aaron Vaziri

President, CEO, and Chief Appraiser

Aaron was born and raised in Greenwood, IN. After joining the U.S. Army Infantry, Aaron proudly served our country for 11 years in which he completed a tour of duty in Iraq. Aaron left the U.S. Army in 1999 and immediately began his career in real estate, obtaining his appraisal certification and opening, owning, and managing the Indiana Appraisal Group. Recognizing the importance of appraisal management companies in the residential appraisal space, and utilizing his business/management acumen and experience in the appraisal industry, Aaron founded AppraiserVendor in 2009.

Since founding AppraiserVendor, Aaron has continued to serve as president, CEO, and Chief Appraiser, employing a wide-array of industry professionals providing unparalleled service to lenders, banks, brokers, and credit unions nationwide. The same commitment, dedication, and leadership Aaron has shown to his country, carries on in his approach to AppraiserVendor.

Leveraging his drive, leadership skills, and appraisal experience, Aaron has drawn upon his connection to customers who demand accurate, timely, and compliant appraisals and, as a result, takes an active stance in lobbying for appraisal management. His influence has impacted colleagues and employees, and he is dedicated to driving change and instilling integrity within the industry.

Stephen French

Chief Operating Officer

Steve earned his degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Development from San Diego State University in San Diego, California. A results-driven professional with a team-building mentality, he began his career in Valuations Management in 2001 overseeing operations and fulfillment for a staff of 80 personnel, servicing several of the largest lenders in the country.

As a driving force in development and implementation of regulatory compliance, quality control, automation, and workflow efficiency, Steve's approach to both business and personnel management led to a rapid ascension in the valuation industry, taking on his first executive role in 2007. Leveraging his business acumen and executive experience, Steve has drawn upon his knowledge and practice in several areas of real estate including property management, finance, product/systems development, and sales to become a recognized leader in valuation management and fulfillment. With a proven track record of implementing necessary strategies for business development and growth, compliance monitoring, automation, and workflow efficiency in a highly competitive, regulated, and volatile industry, Steve is dedicated to achieving results by maintaining a reputation built on character, service, and uncompromising ethics.

Steve joined AppraiserVendor in January, 2017 and, along with their experienced team of executives and management personnel, has generated immediate results in efficiency, growth, and systems’ development.


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Founded by appraisers and led by industry experts with over 50 years in appraisal management, AppraiserVendor was founded with the core principle that all partners are equal in the eyes of our staff; lenders and appraisers alike. In an industry where one’s success relies on another’s opinion, effective management of this dynamic can be challenging and where most have failed, AppraiserVendor has excelled.

Our approach to vendor management is quite simple;
treat the appraiser as we do our client.

A concept that escapes most AMC's but one that has served us well in providing exceptional service to our clients and their consumers.


In an industry where relationships matter, it is the strength of the partnerships we cultivate that lead us all to continued success.
AppraiserVendor understands that keeping up with our industry’s ever-changing regulatory landscape is critical to surviving the mortgage business. Our entire fulfillment process is designed with controls in place to ensure we exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements including Appraisal Independence Requirements, as well as all other federal and all state regulations. AppraiserVendor is committed to the delivery of products and services of quality and integrity, free from undue influence.

As a company owned and operated by appraisers, AppraiserVendor is an advocate of reasonable and customary fee compensation and believes it to be imperative to the sustainability of not only our company, but the appraisal industry. Reasonable and customary fee compensation ensures we retain the most competent appraisers in the market.


If you have any questions or concerns on how AppraiserVendor keeps you compliant, feel free to contact us

If you feel that an appraiser’s independence has been compromised, or undue influence or pressure has been placed on an appraiser in completion of an assignment for AppraiserVendor, you can report any violations to, or call as at 888-418-2676 and ask for our compliance department.

Alliances and partnerships produce stability when they reflect realities and interests.

AppraiserVendor has aligned with several reputable organizations, ranging from data providers to local real estate colleges, all of which serve to enhance our partners’ experience throughout the fulfillment process. As a valuation management company, our partners and appraisers are a direct reflection of AppraiserVendor, very similar to the dynamic between a lender and the consumer; we are committed to representing our partners by providing products and services of quality and integrity on every transaction.
Platinum Data provides valuation data and analytics to mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, AMCs, appraisers, and their vendors. Platinum Data pioneered automated appraisal underwriting and boasts a product line that includes several industry-only products.

Founded in 2002, Platinum Data has been a leader in the collateral segment for over a decade. Its online platform and analytical tools are used to protect the country's top 10 mortgage lenders, and help hundreds of companies, like AppraiserVendor, help to prevent collateral-based loss to the mortgage lending industry. The company has been recognized with numerous industry awards.

AppraiserVendor’s executive team have been working with Platinum Data since 2012 and through our collaboration, we have redefined the AMC Quality Control process. In addition to achieving consistent month‐over‐month increases in volume during the time it has used RealView, AppraiserVendor has also reduced its client dispute rates by 18% and increased overall productivity by 22%.

We’re getting an increased share of our lenders’ business because they know we provide underwriter‐ready appraisals. We’re helping them to reduce risk, and we’re also reducing the time and resources it takes to ensure quality on appraisals. Our clients know they don’t have to worry about quality on any appraisal generated through AppraiserVendor.

Stephen French, Chief Operating Officer of AppraiserVendor

RealView® is the revolutionary business rules engine that rapidly processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and the client's customized appraisal review rule set. This innovative, configurable and highly sophisticated platform significantly enhances appraisal quality control and assurance, empowering Mortgage Lenders, Insurers and Compliance Agencies, Servicers, AMCs, Credit Unions, Banks, Thrifts and Investors to thoroughly and quickly review appraisals with a significant reduction - as much as 60% - in review time and errors.

During the automated review process:

  • 2,500+ business rules and USPAP guidelines reviewed
  • 1300+ specific data points analyzed
  • Appraisal information compared to custom review rule set(s) established by client, lenders, investors, etc.
  • Exceptions to the custom appraisal review rule set communicated directly to impacted parties -- appraiser, reviewer, lender -- so necessary actions can be taken to speed the completion of high quality appraisals
  • Appraiser license status verified
  • Public record, local listing and pending sale data gathered and provided for additional insight on trends and comparables
  • Sales price movement, market risk and potential mortgage fraud detected

With RealView, AppraiserVendor:

  • Delivers a consistent quality control (QC) process loved by compliance personnel, investors and auditors
  • Delivers higher quality appraisals with faster reviews, including a full audit trail, and lowers your risk of collateral-based buybacks
  • Validates comps and nearby sales which are scored and ranked, based on subject property similarities
  • Uses Public Record and MLS data to put Subject Property in context of the surrounding community
  • Creates an interactive, dynamic, and highly configurable checklist specifically designed for AppraiserVendor’s appraisal review process

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